After 10 years softtissue has moved to south coast hinterland to focus our energies on the development of MESHWORK.

MESHWORK has been developed to share tools for integrated embodiment and is distilled from our combined clinical, research and teaching experience.

MESHWORK is an antidote for the pitfalls of erratic, excessive and body–image focused training that undermine long term health objectives.

I am grateful for all the insights that each of you has brought to the therapeutic process. I  hope that you are more resilient as a result of using movement practices that build self-reliance and awareness.

For ongoing tuition with your movement practices get in touch.


If you are down our way, you can see me for a session at my new practice – OSTEOPATHY COBARGO.


Book Online – Osteopathy Cobargo


Our superlative jali-neti (nasal and sinus irrigation) pots and myofascial balls are available through the Shop.

softtissue offers assessment and treatment for common musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  • chronic and acute low back pain
  • neck pain
  • headache
  • occupational overuse injuries
  • shoulder injuries and dysfunction (e.g. impingement and rotator cuff pathology)
  • upper and lower limb injuries
  • sporting and traumatic injuries
  • postural strain

Many osteopathic patients express that treatment enables them to navigate the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular aspects of:

  • asthma and breathing difficulties
  • arthritic conditions like osteoarthritis
  • surgical rehabilitation – orthopaedic, cardio-thoracic, spinal & gastrointestinal
  • migraine

In addition to hands-on manual medicine, softtissue incorporates movement practices to improve your strength, stability and mobility. These practices are tools for ongoing self-care and the basis of a more relaxed and coherent embodiment.  

Osteopathy is recognised by most Health Funds, WorkCover, COMCARE, Department of Veterans Affairs and MEDICARE.

I once had a banner here that said: Osteopathy is gentle, safe and effective – suitable for all ages – but I had to remove it  Read more.

formerly of 21 Neales Street Kaleen Canberra ACT

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