I have been in osteopathic practice since graduating from RMIT in 2002. Prior to osteopathic studies I attained an honours degree from the ANU in biochemistry and molecular biology which led to work in winemaking. After graduation from osteopathic studies  I opened a practice in Melbourne. From 2005 until 2014 I ran a solo practice in Canberra. In September 2014 we moved to south-east hinterland to focus on the development on MESHWORK.

Osteopathic training at RMIT consisted of clinical science and osteopathic medicine. This provided a way to navigate the tensions between holistic osteopathic principles and  biomedical science. Over time it has become increasingly apparent that the ‘musculoskeletal system’  with all of its physiological and neurobiological entanglements, is not easily understood through the methodological limitations of evidence-based medicine or randomised controlled trials.

In osteopathic practice I employ movement practices to amplify treatment outcomes and encourage patient self-reliance. Initially these movement practices consisted of therapeutically modified yoga asana and conventional rehabilitation exercises. Over the last 6 years I have incorporated foundational Chinese internal martial arts practices into movement rehabilitation. Overtime I have dismantled and overhauled accepted and generic rehabilitation tools to craft highly effective individualised patient process. This tinkering and tweaking of movement practices to compliment osteopathic care is informed by ongoing post-graduate training, independent research and consistent embodied practices. I am adamant that movement practices that emphasise the qualitative aspects of functional movement, continuity and awareness are infinitely more powerful than conventional rehabilitation approaches.

Most osteopaths are self-confessed generalists – treating a very wide range of conditions. I have numerous areas of clinical interest:

  • childhood and adolescent posture and  movement
  • occupational injury and overuse
  • chronic low back pain
  • gerontology
  • asthma and breathing pattern disorders

Ongoing professional development and training is essential and mandatory for registered health professionals. These interludes consist of technical, clinical and practical education and training. Over the last few years I have focused on training in the Biodynamics of Osteopathy. This body of post-graduate training has enabled me to identify and understand some of the interrelationships between various self-regulating motions and our capacities for self-organisation.

Most recently I have participated in:

  • Interdisciplinary Fascia Research Course – multiple academic and clinical presenters, workshops and dissection sessions
  • Lumbopelvic motor control workshop with Professor Paul Hodges
  • Assessing and Treating Dysfunctional Breathing with Dr Rosalba Courtney

Over the years I have developed and delivered numerous post-graduate lectures, workshops and even a manual handling training program for a major Australian materials manufacturer.

formerly of 21 Neales Street Kaleen Canberra ACT

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