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little interventions can have systemic and transformative health benefits

Becoming a Supple Leopard

  Body image, meat, kinship and the primal are all expressions of a yearning for some sort authentic pre-modern human existence. The commingling of these desires has been expertly melded into palaeolithic fuelled Cross-Fit with the promise of an empowered ancestral human experience. Movements need manifestos and Dr. Kelly Starrett has offered the global Cross-Fit community […]

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myofascial tools balls

myofascial tools

Myofascial tools are proliferating, marketed with testimonials promising emancipation from the hands of manual therapists. Many manual therapists will struggle to match the precision and cost-effectiveness of a high density foam ball. I sense no threat to the rich scope of osteopathic practice and for years have incorporated them in practice for years. Effective use and therapeutic […]

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Nasal and Sinus Irrigation

Nasal & sinus irrigation

Nasal & sinus irrigation (jala neti) is easier and arguably as important for some people as brushing teeth. Nasal & sinus irrigation is used to treat and manage: allergies – dust mites, pollen post-nasal drip due to chronic sinusitis or as a result of upper respiratory tract infection industrial and recreational dust and particulate exposure […]

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minimal musculoskeletal self care?

minimal musculoskeletal self care I was recently asked by a patient what might the project of minimal musculoskeletal self care look like? This question was rather timely as we had been giving it a lot of thought in relation to our MESHWORK project. The answer to this question is distinct from issues of hypertrophy, performance […]

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western movement culture

Western movement consist mainly of sport and as such can generally be characterised as performative, linear, competitive, high-impact, repetitive and injurious. The fitness industry is generally dedicated to producing a particular image of wellness through the overdevelopment of imbalanced musculature. Our culture lacks the equivalent of tai chi or yoga that cultivate awareness, sensitivity, functional […]

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The illusion of repetition

Motor skills are acquired and refined through repetition. The mantra ‘practice makes perfect’ is one that practitioners in all disciplines will testify to. There appears to be some fashionable misgivings and purported alternatives to the necessity of repetition. I am sympathetic to this voice but disagree that repetition is a senseless process, devoid of a […]

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